Distil Nº9 is a unique modern wheat-based vodka made in the historic city of Lviv.

This exceptional drink is the result of the latest interpretation of traditional Ukrainian okovita recipes.

Distil Nº9 is made in small batches from Carpathian spring water and local selected wheat. This iconic product reflects the energy and brightness of modern Ukraine and is the undisputed headliner of the country’s vodka arena.

Rejecting the generally accepted norms and status quo, Distil Nº9 vodka, in all its variations,
strives to fill its admirers with feelings of elation, creative inspiration and thus confidently competes for supremacy in the market.

At the stage of development of Distil Nº9 vodka, the test batch №9 was our favorite,
so we decided to keep this lucky number (in the brand name).


We, Distil Nº9 team, sincerely believe in the power of human relationships.

An evening with friends or family, a meeting with colleagues, a chance meeting with an old friend,
a new exciting acquaintance, time spent with loved ones – it is in such contact,
in communication with people, great things are often born …

With Distil Nº9 vodka every evening ceases to be ordinary, every party becomes brighter,
kindred spirits come together, stories pour out of their mouths, lifelong friends are born,
any celebration becomes unforgettable, and at the same time the uniqueness of Ukraine is felt.

Every special moment of life deserves Distil Nº9 … and sip by sip the world chooses a happy Nº9 with us.



Welcºme to Lucky №9

May 2015

Create Distil.No9 and enter the Ukrainian market

July 2015

Participation in the innovative interactive exhibition Imbibe London UK

October 2015

Entering the British market


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Opening Terrace Distil.No9
in the Bursa


The Sun Francisco World Spirits Design Competition
«Double Gold»


November 2020
launching Herbal N9


  • Distil Nº9 CURRANT

    Distil Nº9 is an exquisite vodka with the flavor of real Carpathian black currant. The berries of the Carpathian currant have long been famous for their excellent taste. Currants have very useful properties, are rich in vitamins and minerals. It is dark and juicy, giving vodka a mild, pleasant and tart flavor.


  • Distil Nº9 CITRON

    The original Distil Nº9 vodka with the aroma of fresh and juicy lemons. You will find a bright summer flavor, tart, with a slightly with barely noticeable bitterness and irrepressible citrus freshness. The peoples of the Carpathians believe that lemon is a symbol of fertility and a good harvest, and for some it is a symbol of youth and beauty. It is one of the most ancient and revered fruits.


  • Distil Nº9 BERRY

    Native to the Carpathian nature, cranberries give the vodka spicy notes of raisins, ginger and vanilla. The aftertaste is warm and invigorating, with a bright aroma and flavor. One of the of the most famous and interesting flavors, which is revered by fans of fruit vodka. Distil Nº9 BERRY contains only natural ingredients, spring water and wheat alcohol of the highest quality.


  • Distil Nº9 VANILLA

    One of the most delicate products of the Distil Nº9 family. The emergence of vanilla in the spirits category drinks category was a real breakthrough. Vanilla is appreciated by spice lovers as an exciting and stimulating agent. The vanilla flavor helps to restore appetite and improves mood. This spice gives the vodka a delicate, pleasant floral aroma and a delicate velvety taste.


  • Distil Nº9 GRAPEFRUIT

    The exoticism of tropical flavors is embodied in Distil Nº9 spirits. Juicy with a pleasant aroma and a rather spicy bitter taste. This unusual fruit is one of the most mysterious of the citrus family. An inexhaustible source of of vitamins and natural antidepressants. In combination with high-purity alcohol, it creates an invigorating, unexpectedly refreshing taste.


  • Distil Nº9 KARAMEL

    One of the brightest representatives of the flavored vodka category of the Distil Nº9 family. A delicate vodka with the taste of delicate salted vanilla caramel, demonstrating a perfect balance of sweet vanilla sugar and salty sea breeze. It goes well in refreshing classic cocktails. Suitable for creating signature cocktails or serving as a digestif.



Nº9 Mixºlºgy

1 oz / 20 ml Nº9 Vodka

1 oz / 30 ml  Mezcal Vida

0.75 oz / 20 ml Vermouth Dolin Rouge

0.75 oz / 20 ml 

Liver Aperitivo luxardo

1 oz / 50 ml Nº9 Vodka

1 oz / 30 ml  Tequila Espolon blanco spicy

0.75 oz / 20 ml Mezcal Vida

0.75 oz / 20 ml Grilled pineapple syrup

0.75 oz / 20 ml Fresh Lime

0.75 oz / 20 ml Pineapple juice

1 oz / 20 ml Nº9 Vodka

1 oz / 20 ml  Fresh lime

0.75 oz / 30 ml Ginger Syrup

0.75 oz / 10 ml Ginger Beer

1 oz / 30 ml Nº9 Vodka

1 oz / 30 ml  Liquid Elder

0.75 oz / 20 ml Liquid Elder

0.75 oz / 20 ml Lyme Frees

0.75 oz / 20 ml Grapefruit Fresh