Staritsky & Levitsky Initiative


Through the creation of our products, we – at Staritsky & Levitsky - take pride in being a custodian of the historic Ukrainian (drinking) culture. A culture which is centered around bringing people together and celebrate! Therefore, it has been heartbreaking to experience the divisive and inhumane brutality, which is currently being inflicted on everybody and everything dear to us in Ukraine.

However, we can all act and help!

As a small but proud Ukrainian business, we are doing our part by supporting our employees, our partners, their families, and the resilient Ukrainian population, by trying to remain in business from our distillery in the historic city of Lviv (where and when we can). ​

In addition, we’ve established The Staritsky & Levitsky Initiative, through which we make donations (from our sales) to projects addressing the current suffering and future rebuilding of Ukraine (see the website tab called “The Staritsky & Levitsky Initiative”).

So, please help by drinking our vodkas or by donating directly to the initiatives mentioned on our website.

We thank you for all your support and we hope to toast – all together - on peace soon!

Staritsky & Levitsky

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